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The Brief Introduction about Writer Xue Mo and His Works

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The Brief Introduction about Writer Xue Mo and His Works

Xue Mo, formerly known as Chen Kaihong, was born in Liangzhou, Gansu province. He is currently a cultural scholar, China's National First-class Writer, Vice President of Gansu Writers Association, Humanities Tutor of Tumor Research Institutes of Fudan University, and Leading Expert of Research Center on Literature translation and Intercultural communication in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. He is the holder of many honorable titles including"Excellent Expert in Gansu Province", "Excellent Litterateur both in Virtue and Art in Gansu Province", "Top Innovative Talents in Gansu Province", "Leading Talents in Gansu Province", and"Top Ten Figures for China's Brand Culture in 2015".

His works include a series of full-length novels such as "The Wildfox Ridge","The Crunching of Broad Beans at Dead of Night","The Legend of Heroes From Liangzhou", the desert trilogy("Desert Rites", "Desert Hunters", "White Tiger Pass"), and the soul trilogy ("Curses of Western Xia", "The Holy Mastiff of Western Xia", "The Holy Monk and Spirit Woman"). He also has written poetry collection"The Fox Worshiping the Moon", and cultural works including "The Mahasiddhas' Secrets (Ⅰ--Ⅷ)", "The Buddha's Wisdom (Ⅰ--Ⅲ)", "The Mahamudra of Light Series (totaling ten pieces)", "Xue Mo's Philosophy School of Mind Series","Practical Guide to Cultural Transmission", "Conspectus of Xue Mo's Philosophy School of Mind". And there are three pieces of his non-fictional works including"One Man's West", "The Offspring of the Huns", "Don Quixote in North America" , and " Mountain God's Arrow Piles".

He is winner of multiple prizesincluding the 3rd Feng Mu Prize for Literature, the 6th Shanghai Grand Prize for Best Novels and Novellas, Red Eagle Literature Prize for Chinese Writers in 2004, and the 2nd Ordos Literature Prize for Chinese Writers. His works have been selected in"The Chinese Literature Yearbook"and "The Chinese New Literature Series". Six times in succession he won the Dunhuang Literature and Art Award given by the Gansu Provincial Committee and the People's Government of Gansu Province. Three times in series he won Huanghe River Literature Prize given jointly by Gansu Literature Association and Gansu Writers Association. Hetoo has had the nominationofthe 5th National Books Prize, and three nominations of the MaoDun Literature Prize.

   At present, his works are being translated into multiple languages, involving English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Arabic, Sinhalese, Italian, Romanian and so on. They are also arousing immense attention from book lovers at home and abroad.

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