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Chinese writer Xue Mo appeared in American Literary Classics Magzine

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Chinese writer Xue Mo appeared in American Literary Classics Magzine

Recently, the Denver Literary Classics Magazine (October 2023, Volume 1, Issue 2) in the United States conducted a special report on Chinese writer Xue Mo, including the author's introduction, Xue Mo and His Light, Into the Desert, special interviews, and celebrity reviews.



The novel Into the Desert was published and distributed by Long River Press in San Francisco. This book is excerpted from the desert journey of Lan Lan and Ying Er in the novel White Tiger Pass by Xue Mo. It was jointly translated by renowned American sinologists Howard Goldblatt and Sylvia Li-chun Lin.

In March 2023, this book won the Excellent Translation Award from the China Foreign Language and Literature Bureau. Subsequently, this book participated in the Beijing Book Fair, the Boston Asian Academic Annual Conference in the United States, and the London Book Fair in the United Kingdom, and received high praise from major international media such as People's Daily, China Daily, European Times, The Times, Washington Post, BBC and The Associated Press. On Amazon Bookstore and Goodreads, this book has received a lot of positive reviews, received five-star reviews, and was highly sought after and loved by a large number of readers.



Into the Desert is undoubtedly the most thrilling and gripping chapter in the entire White Tiger Pass. It mainly tells the story of two western women, Lan Lan and Ying Er, who, in order to survive and earn some "redemption money", encounter jackals and fight against them while crossing the desert to the salt pond.

Writer Xue Mo said, "This story has strong symbolic significance. It is not only a legend of western women, but also a legend of China and humanity. Although I have added many familiar western life elements in the story, such as desert, camel, women, and even a practical animal - the jackal, it is actually a story belonging to all humanity.




With the publication and distribution of Into the Desert, many overseas scholars and writers have also paid attention to this work and conducted profound professional evaluations from different cultural and literary perspectives, making this book well-known to more overseas readers. The Chinese culture and spirit contained in the book have also resonated with different cultural soils overseas.



Into the Desert is the most representative work of Xuemo's narrative literature that witnesses the power of women. Famous American writer James Kennedy, Professor Lin Xiuling from Northwestern University of Illinois, Professor Chen Hong from Loyola University in Chicago, Professor Wang Jie from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Associate Professor of Asian Studies at Knox College in the United States, and Kate Delaney, the host of the Delaney Media Group radio station "America Tonight," have all commented on this book from different perspectives and levels.

At present, Into the Desert has entered various famous high schools in the United States, such as Harvard University, Washington University, Boston University, University of Chicago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Columbia University, etc. It has also settled in nearly 40 institutions and units such as the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, the San Francisco Public Library, and the Seattle Public Library.

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